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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


All this time taking therapy, living life, being happy, seemingly satisfied with my diagnosis. Symptoms worsen and I can't help but have that thought "ARE YOU SURE IT'S MS"?
What if we are wasting time not treating the "real" problem? What if it is cancer or something else we could've caught early enough to treat? It doesn't matter how much the doctor reassures me I am on the right course of treatment, when I am having a "flare-up" there is still that tiny part of me that thinks like that. Maybe it's denial. Or just maybe......I am afraid.

Ok, so I hate that I actually was thinking like this. The fact is I feel back to my "normal" now and know this not to be true. I can say it - I do have MS and I get scared when my body doesn't do what I want.

I will read this the next time and maybe it will reassure me.

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